Meet a Volunteer

Meet one of our volunteers, Harriet Delali Deku. Dela joined the Foundation First (FF) Ghana team in February 2021 and is planning to stay with us until she decides to leave. 

My views on volunteering:

Volunteering is the act of giving your time and service to a cause without payment. It can be done for a variety of reasons. Some volunteer to pass government classes, some volunteer to give back near the holidays, and some just do it for the sake of doing it, without reason. For me, volunteering is a way of life. It was how I grew up, and it defines me. My goal in life is to inspire others to give back in any way they can, not because they have to, but because they want to.

My background and my volunteer role within FF:

I am a tertiary educator in the field of educational psychology, with over seven years’ experience of volunteering in different aspects both with local and international organizations. Currently, I am responsible for managing FF’s social media accounts and I am part of the newsletter team. I have a keen interest in developmentally appropriate practices in the early childhood education classroom and have expertise in understanding how children learn.

Group photo of, from left, Fidelis, Araba, Sabina, Godwin, Brou, Stephens, Dela & Wada

A taste of how I’ve developed through volunteering with FF:

I was glad to join an FF training-of-master-trainers workshop as it has helped me learn more about FF’s processes and procedures and prepare for my journey towards becoming an FF master trainer. The workshop included the following topics: Ghana National Teachers’ Standards, best practices in early childhood learning, and how to set up a contemporary model classroom. I learned, unlearned, and relearned many things and I notably gained from the workshop. 

My personal recommendation to anyone wondering about volunteering: 

My personal recommendation to you is to join a club or group that does community service. In addition, or alternatively, find a worthwhile charity that you would like to help, then call them and ask them what they need help with. You could get your friends involved and make it even more fun. For me, I love knowing I can do something, and that we as a generation have control over something. Volunteering does so much for the community, but it does so much for you as an individual as well. 

Painting Bibiani Children’s Library

13 Replies to “Meet a Volunteer”

  1. Volunteering is such a beautiful opportunity to touch lives and serve humanity. Kudos to you and your team. Would definitely be glad to join and share in this beautiful experience.

  2. Dela has always been a great pillar in every voluntary works I have met and been with her in. She is an inspiring kind of person you will love to have on your team.

    I am glad she is part of Ananse Foundation Gh and others. Keep soaring girl.

  3. “Volunteering is a way of life”.
    I just love the statement, and I believe if we all can do something out of passion not expecting something in return in future society can still get better.
    Kudos to you,Madam President and the whole team of Foundation First.

  4. Nice
    I like your idea on what it means to be a volunteer. You give back to society not because you have to but because you want and desire to give. Great

  5. Dela has always been one of the most outstanding volunteers.. Everything she does is on point..The smile, her patience and hardworking surpasses all.. Keep it up Dee

  6. Wow! Entirely enlightening and motivating👏. And I can so much testify to the truth that volunteering is your way of life and it really is inspiring. Keep skyrocketing✈

  7. I am not surprised to read about you doing this, Sweet Dee. You always go the extra mile for any one and I am glad you enjoy doing it. Keep it up!

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